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Inspired Heart Healing

Energy & Sound Healing

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What is energy healing?

Religious, Moral & Spiritual Growth

Energy is all around us. Every cell in our body holds energy, and even non-living things like an empty room can hold energy. Have you ever walked into a room and felt at home?

Or on the flip side, maybe you felt like there were "bad vibes". 

Imagine being able to shift those energies in a way that better serves you.  Using gentle healing techniques, like Reiki and sound, we move and shift energy in a way that supports your growth and healing.  Our busy lives often put us in "fight or flight" mode. During our sessions, we create an opportunity to rest and reset by allowing emotions and feelings to come through, be acknowledged and processed in a safe, supportive space.


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Reiki is a form of energy healing that originated in Japan. The word "reiki" translates to "universal life energy". During treatment, the practitioner guides the healthy flow of energy using their hands gently on or just above the body. 

Sound Healing

Traditional medicine teaches that sound is perceived by the ear, however newer research revealed it is also felt physically through vibrations in the body.

As the vibrations travel through the body, they promote relaxation and help to create a state of ease and harmony. 

Tuning Fork Therapy

The frequencies within the body including breathing, blood circulation and pulse are intended to function in harmonic balance. When the body is out of balance, tuning forks can be used to bring about major, positive shifts in the energy patterns within and surrounding the human body. 

Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are the (energetic) library of our soul. They hold the information from your soul’s journey and give us guidance about past lives and present situations. Reading from the Records can offer clarity and understanding, and help to raise our vibration as we re-connects to our power  and align with our soul’s wisdom.


I'm Terri, and I'm so glad you're here.


While on my own healing journey, I experienced a variety of healing sessions from many gifted practitioners. During the pandemic, in-person options were limited so I began to explore taking healing into my hands. (Literally!) Through the study of multiple healing modalities, I discovered the beauty of holding space for others and felt the profound effect it had on my own growth and expansion. 


Guided by intuition and tapping into these modalities, we will co-create an experience together to help move and shift energy in a way that support the healing and alignment of the mind, body, and spirit. 


Work with Me

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 Treatments include energy healing modalities such as Reiki, High Priestess Healing, Akashic Records Reading, Sound Healing and Tuning Fork Therapy. Modalities used during treatment will be intuitively picked and guided by what your needs and what you are experiencing at the time.



 The power of community shines through during group events. Tap into the collective energy as you connect and align to higher vibrations.

Celebrating a special ocassion? Let's plan a customized a private event for your celebration.


Trainings & Workshops

Make time to nurture yourself and continue on your path to healing through group workshops and trainings. These opportunities are designed to help guide you towards your most authentic self.

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